Women of Commerce

Made by women.

Behind the project

Commerce envelops many things, yet most aspects trail back to its digital form, eCommerce. ECommerce is experiencing a development boom. More people, and women, are developing their careers in a newly democratized market, especially with the onset of DTC and value in transparency and personability.

We can say firsthand that there will always be a demand for mentorship and advice from voices in the workplace. As women beginning our own career paths, it’s personally fulfilling to speak with and share the wisdom we’ve gained from some truly inspirational and knowledgeable women. We’re honored to help lift female voices up, and we’re excited to grow this series into a treasure trove of anecdotal notes of wisdom and career inspiration.

Abigail Shipps

Abigail is an Atlanta native, NYC-based creative who is well-versed in developing and managing digital content. As an alumna of Sewanee: The University of the South, she seeks to exercise her English degree in her creative and career pursuits. With her work at Yaguara, she enjoys exploring the relationship between modern social influence and the eCommerce landscape, as well as the increased focus on transparency and tactility with digitally native brands.

Her passion for hearing, analyzing, and sharing stories is in part what motivated the launch of this series. As a young woman in the workplace herself, she finds it incredibly rewarding to speak and share her conversations of a variety of different women’s journeys, just as she begins her own. One thing she's learned from this series: no matter where you are in life, do what you love. Besides writing and developing digital content, Abigail loves to create art and trail run in the Tennessee mountains.

Andie Smith

Andie is a University of Colorado Boulder alumna, Southern California-raised creative currently exploring Denver and the Rocky Mountains. As a creative designer and a digital storyteller for Yaguara, she is interested in the intersections of generational consumption in commerce and contextualizing the business industry with history.

As a lover of literature, photography, art, and female empowerment, Andie hopes to investigate and uncover the creative drive and passion in all women. Through this series, she’s found the importance of seeking hopeful anecdotes, storytelling, and meaningful conversations despite the current turbulence of world events. Aside from her professional endeavors, she enjoys exploring the American West and photographing every event – no matter how trivial – by film & journal.

Kat Akin

Kat is a born and raised Texan working her design magic from Austin. As a University of Texas at Austin alumna, she has fallen in love with her home state even more. Her experience as a creative consultant as well as a brand and visual designer creating identities and campaigns for large conglomerates and small businesses alike serve her well in her role at Yaguara, where she leads design by fusing creativity with data to support marketing, sales, and brand efforts.

From the beginning of her design days with Microsoft Paint, to expertly navigating programs such as Adobe and Figma, Kat has a knack for interactive design. With this series, she hopes to empower and showcase women’s personal journeys in the tech space with interactive design, while staying inspired by the paths they’ve carved for themselves. Between designing the look of all of Yaguara’s content, Kat jams out, drinks lots of cold brew, finds herself scrolling through (too) many TikToks, and appreciates a good wholesome meme.